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Hello, welcome to the Avatar Research Institute website.  This is the first phase of our website and there will be more to come.  For starters, we would like to give you some insights about our views on situation analysis, human factors and adaptation, and innovation policies.  


Why Now? 

We live in a complex world with enormous amounts of information that is overwhelming our capacity to integrate data into useful understanding and applications.  When it comes to cultural and worldview information that is based upon scholarship and thoughtful consideration it is doubly difficult to locate good resources in one place.  At the moment researchers, opinion leaders, and policy makers have to cut across sectors and search engine domains to locate relevant theoretical models and interesting studies that produce useful findings.  Examples of these issues are as follows:

  • The scientific and technological challenges of today, and those of the future, require more international collaboration.   Are scientists sufficiently prepared to work effectively within the international scientific community and with multicultural teams based in their own countries? 
  • One factor related to failure of imagination of national and international security assessments, prompts us to ask:  How does a lack of diversity affect analyses, setting priorities and policy decisions?   
  • Innovation takes place in a social context and there are increasingly lower levels of tolerance and funding for the development of new ideas that could improve economic, social well-being and health standards.  Countries interested in economic growth need to assess their ecosystems for innovation.  It is critical to explore the reasons for a decline in infrastructure support and R&D funds at a time when the idea builders are more diverse.  What are the issues that impact the ability to attract and retain high ability talent within any region of the world?


In the months to come we will be changing the website to include more interactive material---such as hosting conversations and blogs, a news & commentary section on some of the latest research findings, and providing case study material and tools that researchers, educators, and practitioners can use.  

If you have something that you would like to see please let us know at: avatar12@att.blackberry.net.